Software Update Vr100 | Cyprus Kobold Thermomix

Robot hoover software and firmware updates

Updates for your robot vacuum VR100

The firmware of the Kobold vacuum robot is continuously developed and optimized by the Vorwerk engineers. Benefit from new and improved functions by downloading the “Kobold VR-Updater” updater program. The VR Updater will then automatically download the latest firmware as soon as you are online.

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It's that easy

1. Download the Kobold VR Updater here

2. Install the program

3. Start the Kobold VR Updater
4. Connect the computer and the fully charged Robot Vacuum Cleaner via a USB cable
5. Install the driver once using the Windows wizard that is already open
6. The Kobold VR Updater automatically loads the latest firmware when the PC is online
7. Follow the program instructions

You can find the right firmware for your model in the version archive

Would you like to install an older firmware version on your Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner or manually install the current version? No problem. Simply download the corresponding file (please do not unzip) and install it using the VR Updater. You can find detailed instructions here.

Model with operating system 2013 (since mid-2013)

Please note that with this model only the current firmware 3.2. is available, older versions cannot be installed.