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Why actually vacuum cleaner bags?

Sure, all the dust and dirt that you vacuumed up with your vacuum cleaner has to go somewhere. Vacuum cleaner bags have been used for collection and later disposal for decades. Annoying for many people: the bags have to be changed regularly. Also because a full dust bag can reduce the suction power. And it is supposedly also a cost factor. So why not use one of the countless bagless vacuum cleaners that are meanwhile in great variety on the market?

Disadvantages of bagless vacuum cleaners

You should certainly proceed according to your preferences when choosing your vacuum cleaner, but if you are allergic to house dust: in, you will have a problem with a bagless vacuum cleaner when emptying it at the latest: a lot of dust is whirled up, which may be distributed again in your apartment. It is not uncommon for the whole thing to be accompanied by coughing, sneezing attacks and watery eyes. In addition, even with bagless vacuum cleaners, a hygiene microfilter usually has to be changed at least once a year. So better stick with the good old vacuum cleaner bag! With the Kobold vacuum cleaner bags (premium filter bags), the automatic dust seal also ensures that all sucked-in substances are safely enclosed when changing. A blessing for allergy sufferers: inside!

Tip: We also have an ideal solution for allergy sufferers for emptying the bagless dust compartment of our Kobold VR300 robot vacuum cleaner: Inside: Using the suction device on the device, fine dust, animal hair and the like can be hygienically vacuumed with the Kobold handheld or cylinder vacuum cleaner and ultimately land in it the allergy-friendly Kobold filter bags.

Suitable product: Original Kobold filter bags

Clean room air while vacuuming

In favor of the vacuum cleaner bag, there is not only the advantage when emptying it, but also the filter performance that is revealed during vacuuming. Provided that the vacuum cleaner bag meets certain requirements. The key word here is the exhaust air. This is the air that the vacuum cleaner releases into the environment while vacuuming. It is ideal if the dust bag can also store the finest house dust and thus, if possible, no allergens or other pollutants get back into the room air. Most vacuum cleaner bags cannot do that – in contrast to the Kobold Premium filter bags.

Did you notice that our vacuum cleaner bags are called filter bags? There is also a reason for this: In our opinion, the term says much more about what this consumable product actually stands for in our Kobold vacuum cleaners: It filters the dirt and the finest dust particles and effectively traps them.

Clean room air while vacuuming

The best of the best: Kobold Premium filter bags

Clean indoor air hygiene with the Kobold filter bags

The Kobold Premium filter bags are the world’s first TÜV-certified filter bags and are therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers. With their three filter systems, they hold back more than 99.99% of the allergy-causing house dust mite excrement and fine dust. That is a record! This guarantees optimal indoor air hygiene with all Kobold cleaning systems.

The best of the best: Kobold Premium filter bags

Each layer of the 3-in-1 premium filter bags for Kobold Hand; Floor and cordless vacuum cleaners have a specific function:
  • The pre-filter layer made of a very voluminous textile material effectively absorbs coarse dirt.
  • The hygiene microfilter (HEPA = High-Efficiency-Particulate-Air-Filter) comprehensively captures fine dust particles and microparticles. This means that allergens don’t stand a chance.
  • The outermost layer of extra strong textile ensures the durability and stability of the vacuum cleaner filter bags. Nothing will tear if you vacuum up broken pieces or other sharp objects. 
Clean room air while vacuuming

By the way: The Kobold FP200 and FP300 vacuum cleaner bags also contain anti-odor beads. Due to their porous structure, these absorb bad odors and safely lock them in.

Properties of the Kobold Premium filter bags for hand and cylinder vacuum cleaners

The 3-in-1 premium filter bags are available for all of our newer Kobold vacuum cleaners. Depending on the model, there are also specific properties of the vacuum cleaner bags:
  • With the Kobold FP300 3-in-1 Premium Filter Bag for the Kobold Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, you save money and waste thanks to its extra-large capacity of 4.5 liters. Ideal for large living areas.
  • With the  Kobold FP200  3-in-1 Premium filter bag with a capacity of 2.2 liters, changing is very easy: Thanks to the innovative technology, you just have to put the bundled filter bag with the banderole in the filter compartment, the lid, without fiddling conclude. The bag unfolds automatically when the vacuum cleaner is switched on.
  • TÜV Nord has tested the dust storage capacity, fine dust separation and germ retention  for the  Kobold FP100 3-in-1 premium filter bag and found them to be good. Rating: “Suitable for allergy sufferers.” Another plus point is the hygienic removal and disposal of the vacuum cleaner bags.

With the Kobold FP100 3-in-1 Premium Filter Bag, you don’t have to do without an optimal room climate, even with cordless vacuuming and suction mopping. To change and dispose of the filter bag safely and hygienically, you simply have to open the flap using the release lever. And on it goes with full suction fun! All Kobold Premium filter bags have an automatic dust seal with an integrated non-return flap. In this way, the sucked-in substances are safely stored and the bag can be disposed of hygienically. The filter bags are also particularly economical: a change is only necessary when the LED filter level indicator (or filter level indicator?) On your Kobold vacuum cleaner lights up completely orange.