Kobold VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner

The Kobold cordless all-rounder. Ready for use anytime, anywhere.

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all floors
  • Long battery life – no more annoying reconnecting
  • Can be combined with various attachments
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

Best change

Deliver your old vacuum cleaner of any brand and get your essential set for € 749. In addition, you can complete your set for free and enjoy the complete wireless system by participating in the Kobold Lovers Club. Available from May 27 to June 28, 2021 (or while stocks last).

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Your highlights of the VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner

Full flexibility

You can get anywhere without the hassle of cables and are not restricted by sockets or cable lengths.

Quickly on the spot

Always ready to hand – even when changing the filter bag. Simply open the flap, change the filter bag. Finished. The battery is located behind the same flap and can also be exchanged in no time at all.

Get to every corner

With the flexible joint on the attachment, it is very easy to vacuum around corners and under furniture.

Flexible eye-catcher

With its compact, elegant design, the VB100 is an eye-catcher in every home. If you want to interrupt cleaning, you can also simply put it in the park position (the motor switches off automatically).

Versatile helper on all surfaces

Remove all dirt, from the finest to the coarsest, with the Kobold VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner. The suction power and speed of rotation of the brush can be adapted to the type of floor and the degree of soiling - all you need is a universal attachment and the powerful Kobold EBB100 automatic electric brush.

Easy to handle

Gone are the days of having to look for a power outlet and get frustrated when the cord wasn't long enough. With a weight of only 3.3 kg, the Kobold VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner is always at hand and easy to use.

Always ready to go with a removable battery

Even if you want to clean the entire household, the battery won't let you down. In normal operation, the high-quality lithium-ion battery has a running time of up to 80 minutes (12 min at maximum suction power / 30 min at medium suction power / 52 min at soft suction power level). The fully discharged battery is ready for use again after just 3 hours of charging.

Dust-free even under the ceiling

No more dust on the ceiling: you can reach above-floor areas with an adjustable nozzle attachment that cleans particularly gently with a brush.

Changing the filter bag made easy

Free your home from allergens by securing them in the filter bag until they are picked up with household waste. Thanks to the TÜV-certified premium filter bags, dust doesn't stand a chance.

Pleasantly light

Now you can easily clean stairs: At just 3.3 kg, the VB100 is lightweight. On its wheels, you push it where you want to vacuum instead of carrying it around the house.

Awards for the VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner

Scope of delivery

The VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner super flexible set consists of the following components:

  • 1 Kobold VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Kobold EBB100 electric brush
  • 1 Kobold VB100 battery (inserted in the device)
  • 1 Kobold VB100 charger
  • 1 Kobold VB100 2-1 accessory nozzle
  • 6 Kobold FP100 Premium filter bags (1 inserted in the device)
  • Quick start Guide
  • Instructions for use

Technical information

Do you have any questions about the VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner? We have the answers!

Questions about the battery, the LED display or the filter bags? Here you will find answers to your questions about the VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner.