Thanks to the Kobold SB100 suction hose, the next selection of nozzles can be combined and used with the Kobold VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your skirting boards, give your car interior a thorough clean or even get to those hard to reach spots high up, this selection of above the floor attachments is the ideal solution!

For flexible, effortless cleaning of even hard-to-reach areas

Product Details

The selection of nozzles compatible with the VB100 offers you maximum comfort for optimal cleaning results:

VD15 Variable Nozzle

The Kobold Variable Nozzle is a versatile household helper that gets to hard-to-reach places thanks to its pull-out extension and flexible joint attachment (90° rotatable).

Allows you to suck around the corners and clean skirting boards. Also ideal as drill dust catcher, leaving both hands free and collecting all dust.

FD15 Flexo Nozzle

One for many: the Kobold FD15 Flexo Nozzle is suitable for a wide range of needs with three application areas and offers the right solution for every dust problem.

FD15 Flexo Nozzle is perfect for car interiors as well as textiles, cracks and joints.

SD15 Soft Nozzle

With the Kobold SD15 Soft Nozzle, dust is no longer whirled through the air, but disappears safely.

This electronic duster can be used anywhere in the home: for dusting shelves, cupboards, computers, lamps, in the car and in many other areas.

TR15 Telescopic Tube

Now cleanliness goes the extra mile: without wobbly ladders or steps, the Telescopic Tube can be used to remove cobwebs from the ceiling, vacuum lamps or curtain rods.

The TR15 Telescopic Tube enables you to get to those hard-to-reach areas quickly and easily.

Accessories, extras, and extensions: To get the best out of the Kobold products, we offer you a variety of additional products and accessories. From TÜV-certified filter bags for the highest hygienic requirements, versatile brushes and attachments to specially developed cleaning agents and care kits – you can only find all this at Kobold.